About Jennifer's Salon

Welcome to the New Millennium,
a new century, an uncommon experience.

Welcome to Jennifer’s Salon! In a world of short-lived, passing styles and fashions,

Jennifer’s Salon has made a lasting impact. Having been in business for over 30 years

and owner of her own salon for over 20 years, Jennifer’s well established clientele are legion.
It’s not surprising that many of Jennifer’s clients have also been her loyal friends for those

30 years!

​We specialize in the Paper Wrap process for nails. Jennifer invented and perfected her signature Paper wrap process for nails over 30 years ago. The Paper Wrap process uses no monomer, acrylic, linen, silk, fiberglass, gel, shellac, uv lights, glue or adhesives that can further harm already weakened nails. Paper Wraps produce a stronger, healthier nail and promotes healing and growth with 100% natural products. Hundreds of Jennifer’s clients had never been able to enjoy beautiful nails and hands before coming to Jennifer’s Salon! The process is so gentle on the hands and nails that many local MD’s now recommend Jennifer’s Salon to their patients who have injured their hands or nails, or have unhealthy nails due to other harsh processes.

Call today and reserve a time for a free consultation with Jennifer or any of our staff today. You will have a new Salon friend for life! Jennifer’s  Salon is an Accredited Salon and is Licensed by the Arizona Board of Cosmetology.